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Sander Stegen

Next generation

Tool/Engine/Gameplay programmer

About me

As a fresh graduate at Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE), I am looking for my first opportunity to take on the gaming industry.

I am passionate about low level applications and I excel at letting other people create.

Making level editors, terrain editors and nav mesh generators are examples of that (projects can be viewed below). In all code I write, I parameterize everything and I am as generic as possible. Making sure that the application supports the wildest ideas of any other programmer, designer or artist that would use it.


I learn and solve problems at a very high pace. No task I deem too difficult and I am always ready for a challenge. One of my favorite mottos is "In games everything should be possible" which resembles my personality as developer but also as a gamer.

Further down this page you will find an overview of my finished projects. More projects are always in development in my spare time. Currently I am working to upgrade my 2D nav mesh generator to 3D.

Feel free to contact me to have a chat!


Mail: Sander(at)

Mobile/Whatsapp: (+32)470090460

Connect with me: LinkedIn

Individual Projects

Real-time Interactable Water

For my graduation work I researched the possibilities for real-time interactable water. Read the final paper here.


Navigation Mesh


As an AI related research topic, I created my own nav mesh generation tool. Read all about it on my github.


Terrain Editor

After getting in contact with marching cube algorithm, I decided to create a small terrain editor with it. This terrain system got used in an upgraded form in the R0cksteady group project.

Terrain editor

Super Meat Boy

As a first year student, we were tasked by recreating an existing 2D game. I made my own version of super meat boy. Including a level editor and replay system!

This game is also featured on the DAE school website as one of the best games of that year.

Level editor

Group Projects

Rube Goldberg Machine

As final group project I got together with 5 other students to bring the project of a client to reality.

This physics based project relies on the Havok physics and Unity's Data Oriented Development Stack. For fast and stable physics.


Grouped together with four other student, we created Rocksteady.

Rocksteady is a small top-down survival game that heavily relies on physics based movement and a destructible terrain.

Check it out on our


Real-Time Interactable Water

Simulating real-time interactable water with the use of custom physics and compute shaders


Super Meat Boy (Copy)

One of my first real projects. I made a copy of super meat boy. Including a level editor and replay system


Two dimensional navigation mesh generation

Generating 2D navigation meshes, with the use of the ear clipping algorithm


Rube Goldberg Machine

Change the text and make it your own. Click here to begin editing.


Simple Terrain Editor

Using marching cubes, compute shaders and Unity to edit chunks of terrain in real-time.



Change the text and make it your own. Click here to begin editing.

Real-Time Interactable Water

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