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Walter Stegen

Seasoned Business analyst, Consultant and Coach
Optimizing business processes 

Focus on efficiency

About me

About me

Making processes better, more efficient, straight forward, easier to use and easy to manage : that's what I care about. Customers and partners appreciate my direct, practical and no-nonsense approach to help them achieve their goals.

I have over 30 years of experience as data-, business- and process analyst. In a variety of business domains.
Domestic and international.


My full profile and experience is available on 

My success factors :

  • Knowledge : technical skills, business experience, a bag full of best practices, risk factors & pitfalls , ..

  • Clear communication : I tell what I do, and I do what I tell. No surprises.

  • Creativity : I see no lines nor boxes.

  • Devotion : high involvement, high empathy.

Facing a challenge ?  Thinking of a project ? Need for a business process revision, a blueprint or just some expert's advice ? 

Contact me for a free consult to discuss you needs



- CRM ( certified)
- Finance, insurance, retail, B2B, B2C


- Fluent in Dutch, English and French
- Pleasant and direct no-nonsense approach.

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Independent advice

You feel that the way things go within the company, is not quite what you expect.  You want to do some changes, you want to automate, you want to focus on your business again, not on the overhead.  You look for a second opinion, a sounding board,  some guidance, maybe you want to know how others do it, or what options you have.  Without spending ten thousands of euros on a battery of consultants who come tell you how to have you run your business.   

Companies hire me for half a day, a day per month or quarter, ... (we look together for a good balance) to have a sparring partner, a mirror., someone to guide their internal resources.  Someone from outside the organisation with a unprejudiced mind, who can speak freely.  With one purpose : help you or your organisation become more efficient. 

Team enforcement

You're a big organisation with dedicated teams for process improvement, IT, marketing, automation, ... but you need an additional expert-resource for a specific project or duration.   


As a senior consultant/analyst, I can participate in, or pick up, any kind of tasks related to requirement gathering , analysing processes and data.   


I can assist in making the necessary preparations to turn them into solutions.   

Once a project has been kicked-off I can manage the backlog,  take care of quality assurance, handle the involved change management, even prepare and take care of end-user training.

Been there, done that    

I'm a teamplayer who believes
1 + 1 = 3.

Package selection

You already now you need a tool/package to cover certain functionailities. But oh boy, so many options out there .... And all those salesreps who come tell you their solution is the best in the market.

I successfully coached several companies in making such choice. 

I help you getting you requirements and expectations very sharp, so we can map them to the capabilities of each of the possible solutions. 

We'll define the importance of each requirement and combine them with a score we give to the solution's capability.  

The outcome of such study will not only point you in a certain direction, but will also tell you why ...  

How ? Wearing my 3 hats ... 

Business Meeting
Work Presentation

As a Business analyst ...

In a role of business analyst, I assist in getting your processes and requirements clear and realistic.  Understanding why you do things in a certain way, is key in this exercise.   'We've always done it this way', is not something you want to rely on.  I look for the added value of each process-step and I identify the painpoints. 

As soon as we clearly described the 'as is' and the expectations on how and where changes must be made, I'll translate these requirements in a language your IT-team or an external supplier 'understands'.  Vice versa, I explain their concerns and questions , in a vocabulary that business users understand.  

What is a business analyst?

Qualities of a business analyst?

As a Consultant ...

So all analysing has been done and you know what you have and you know what you need?  And you want to start a project.

In  a role of consultant, I share my knowledge and experience on what's possible, best practices, risks & pitfalls.  Been there, done that.  For over 30 years.   

While every situation is different and each companies has his own identity and values, there are for sure some things that we can learn from each other.  I've been part of many successful IT projects, and I know what made them a success. I've been part of some failures as well ... but I know why.


Why wouldn't your organisation benefit from this ?

What is a consultant?

As a Coach ...

My favorite part ...
You have so much information, so many options, so many must haves and nice to haves
But where should we start ? What should we finally do how ?  What not ?  How should we do it ?  What must have priority ?  


I will help yoù to find out what to do, how and when.  Based on what's important for you and the company, the pro's and con's of all your options, the importance of those pro's and con's, we'll decide together how to proceed.  I'll ask the right questions and will make you think on those items that matter. 


The outcome will be crystal-clear or at least be made based on solid arguments  

What is a coach?



(see more on linkedin)

—  BV, KBC, Europe

“Walter is very customer oriented. In each project, he looks for added value and discusses thoroughly with business stakeholders to check “wants” versus “needs” but never losing sight of scope.  He has strong analytical skills; is well organized and efficient in coordinating multiple tasks and meeting strict deadlines. Furthermore Walter is a good communicator and always seeking for efficiency. He is good-humoured and works well under pressure. He has a professional approach and working with him is a pleasant experience. The combination of these attributes makes him a very valuable resource for any project.”

—   RP, Spie, NL

“I’ve worked with Walter during the implementation of Salesforce within the SPIE organisation. His patience and total overview helped us implementing the system within 6 months. This combined with a warm personality”

—   BM, Fortis, B

“Walters excellent technical skills, combined with an overall helicopter view on the project and a never-seen ability to explain difficult database models to colleagues made him one of the most valuable contributors to the success of the DBCF implementation within Fortis.”

—   TV, Medtronic, EMEA

“Walter is a business analyst in the true sense of the word. He has the unique ability to connect with users to understand their needs and explain the process and tools in their language. His technical background knowledge and project management skills make him an excellent partner for business managers for the implementation of IT projects with high impact on every day operations.”

—  ZP, K&H, HU

“Walter has extremely constructive and co-operative approach, sets good working atmosphere and achieves results.”

—   JR, Dexia, B

“I worked with Walter on the same project at Dexia. It was a real pleasure working with someone with such a a professional drive, high functional and technical skills, and a great business instinct. Highly recommended as a functional or business analyst.”




Kersbeekdorp 27A, 3472 Kortenaken, Belgium

Mobile / Whatsapp: +32 475 62 03 82

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