Qualities of a Business Analyst

Qualities of a Business Analyst

A good analyst recognizes the core problem(s) and can place it in the right context.  Too often people try to solve the wrong problem,  getting entangled in irrelevant details or seek for a solution that has nothing to do with the core problem.

Like a journalist , an analyst too, should always look for answers to these six questions: What? Who? Where? When? How? Why?  This will point out the direction in which a solution can be found.

A good business analyst is also a diplomat, a negotiator and a peacemaker.

He’s objective, looks for agreements in stakeholders positions and understands the wishes and demands of managers.  Knowing and understanding the global picture is essential. A business analyst makes the bridge between business and the ‘techies‘ from the IT department.

A business analyst is able to see the global picture, from a helicopter view, but also knows when and where he needs to zoom into a lower level for optimal understanding.  He sees how different processes influence each other and can map the consequences.  The business analyst keeps a team focussed on the global picture and the longer term targets.

A business analyst knows the limits of processes, the environment and systems and understands there is not always a cost-reducing solution.  He is able to explain such constraints to business and IT.  It means he should be comfortable with concepts as ROI and TCO, but also with the challenges for IT.

A business analyst does not work alone, but seeks for interaction and discussion.  Communication and collaboration is essential for success.  A good business analyst also helps other team members to analyses their own business and creates boosts for all participants.


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