My drivers

My drivers

While being involved in several projects, I’ve noticed that the role of a business analyst often is underestimated.  It’s only when projects are being tested or delivered that one notices that ‘it’s not quite what they expected‘.

It’s my role to avoid these misunderstandings, that are still common.

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Most of the time, it’s not the core business of management to evaluate IT investments.  At such times, it’s useful to fall back on a neutral, objective external consultant, who does not only knows the market , but can also judge the added value a new technology can bring.  Not with the head ‘in the cloud’ but with both feet on the ground.

Article in Mediaplanet 2010

Outsourcing is booming.  Someone needs to look after the contracts, follow up outsourced tasks and take care of a global outsource vision.

Top Challenges in “Guide des nouveaux métiers”, Michael Page

For 75% of all customers, cost reduction is a driver to start certain projects, although they seldom reach an average profit of 60%, often even less.  According to a Deloitte-study, the main reason is neglecting the follow-up of a project, as soon a contract is signed.

Financial Directors Magazine, 02/2011

After twenty years of alignment, one out of two executives is unhappy with the performance of IT, complains about late deliveries, hesitates to approve new IT or technology projects, feels there is a difficult business/IT relationship, admits they do not understand all of the IT speak, does not really trust the IT organization, does not really spend enough time in the IT Shop and does not know where to find the IT portfolio data.

IT Fusion, Peter Hinssen

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