“Walter is a business analyst in the true sense of the word. He has the unique ability to connect with users to understand their needs and explain the process and tools in their language. His technical background knowledge and project management skills make him an excellent partner for business managers for the implementation of IT projects with high impact on every day operations.”

– TV, Medtronic, EMEA

“I’ve worked with Walter during the implementation of Salesforce within the SPIE organisation. His patience and total overview helped us implementing the system within 6 months. This combined with a warm personality”

– RP, Spie, NL

“I worked with Walter on the same project at Dexia. It was a real pleasure working with someone with such a a professional drive, high functional and technical skills, and a great business instinct. Highly recommended as a functional or business analyst.”

– JR, Dexia, B

“Walters excellent technical skills, combined with an overall helicopter view on the project and a never-seen ability to explain difficult database models to colleagues made him one of the most valuable contributors to the success of the DBCF implementation within Fortis.”

-BM, Fortis, B

“Walter is very customer oriented. In each project, he looks for added value and discusses thoroughly with business stakeholders to check “wants” versus “needs” but never losing sight of scope.  He has strong analytical skills; is well organized and efficient in coordinating multiple tasks and meeting strict deadlines. Furthermore Walter is a good communicator and always seeking for efficiency. He is good-humoured and works well under pressure. He has a professional approach and working with him is a pleasant experience. The combination of these attributes makes him a very valuable resource for any project.”

– BV, KBC, Europe

“Walter has extremely constructive and co-operative approach, sets good working atmosphere and achieves results.”

– ZP, K&H, HU


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