About me

Being started as a mainframe developer in the eighties, I quickly moved into a function as technical, later functional analyst.  I discovered my real values as soon as I came in the position where I had direct contact with clients, decision takers and end-users.  Discussing issues with them, analysing their problems and concerns, and looking for solutions is now my main business.  Being started in the financial world, my working domain extended to CRM.  In both worlds however, I got in contact with several other related business domains like a.o. Risk, HR, ERP and Marketing.   From a more technical point of view, I followed the evolution from mainframe to client/server, PC and , since a few years ago, also ‘the cloud‘ and mobile computing.

Being familiar with as well IT related issues as business concerns, and noticing that there’s very often a gap between both, while not ‘talkingthe same language or having conflicting interests, I developed the skills to bring both together.

As an adapt of the KISS-principle, with very good communication skills, a high empathy-level and an eye for quality, I always look for the best match between requirements and possibilities, making sure everybody is on the same train.

Thinking of a project ? Looking for a revision or blueprint of your business processes or IT ? Starting a new company or encountering the first growing pains ? In need of some temporary enforcement ?

Let’s talk !

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